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Directions to the Myers Lab at VA New Jersey Health Care System

The Myers Lab is located at the East Orange VA Medical Center, at 385 Tremont Avenue, East Orange NJ 07018.  

Once your reach the Medical Center campus, pull into the driveway, stopping at the guard gate if requested.  Bear left, so that the main hospital building is on your right, and (free) valet parking will be on your left.  Visitors may park in valet parking or in any other (legal) parking space on campus. 

If you park in valet parking (or arrive on foot), enter the main hospital building and ask for directions to Building 15A or Building 16 (see below).  There is a tunnel from the main building, basement level C, to Building 15.  At the end of the tunnel, turn right (toward the Wellness Center) and then follow directions below from Building 15 to testing rooms or Dr. Myers's office.

You may also park closer to our offices; drive past valet parking, passing the main hospital building on your right.  Follow the road as it curves down the hill.  You will pass another parking lot on your right.  Just before the end of the road, turn right.  You will pass another building on your right, and then Parking Lot E will be on your right.  Park in Lot E or in any available space in the nearby lots. 


If you're visiting the research lab to participate in an experiment, the testing rooms are located in Building 15A. 

From parking lot E, there is a direct entrance to Building 15A.  Face the main entrance with the sliding glass doors.  On your right is Building 15a, and beyond that is Building 16.  In between Buildings 15A and 16 is a path, leading to steps up into the Building 15a reception area. 

You can also access Building 15A via Building 15.  If you are in Parking Lot E, enter via the sliding glass doors, and then  turn left, toward the Wellness Center.  The entrance to Building 15A will be on your left, about halfway down the hall.  This door is normally kept locked, but there is a doorbell to the right of the door.  During normal office hours, if you ring the bell, someone in the building should come escort you to the reception area.


If you're visiting Dr. Myers, her office is located in Building 16, room 16-124. 

From parking lot E, there are sliding glass doors into Building 15.  Go through the doors and turn left, toward the Wellness Center.  At the end of the hall (just before the entrance to the Wellness Center), turn left.  Go to the end of this hall (just short of a steel Exit door), and turn left.  You will face orange metal doors (which are sometimes closed).  Go through these doors.  You are now in Research Services, Building 16.  Dr. Myers's office is straight ahead at the end of the hallway.


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Catherine E. Myers, PhD
Research Scientist, Department of Veterans Affairs, New Jersey Health Care System, East Orange, NJ 07018
Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience, Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ 07103



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